The cold weather can be a challenge for the disabled, and these winter wheelchair safety tips are designed to keep you and your equipment safe. Extreme cold, slick weather, and more dark hours all pose travel risks for dedicated chair users.

It’s important to do what’s in your power to stay safe in the cold.

Follow these Winter Wheelchair Safety Tips to Stay Safe

Use a Flag – When you’re traveling in the street or it’s dark outside, it’s hard for drivers to see you. To add to that, winter roads are often slippery from snow or ice. Displaying a wheelchair safety flag can help keep you safe from unsuspecting drivers.

Because of the way a wheelchair is configured, wearing reflective gear may still not be enough to catch a driver’s attention. You can use reflectors, and battery-operated lights – but an orange flag will increase your visibility.

Wear a Helmet – As mentioned above, wintery roads can be slick. The more safety precautions you can take for a fall, the better. While a wheelchair is more stable than a bicycle, falls are still somewhat common. The easiest way to protect your head is by wearing a helmet.

This is a precaution that can help in any weather. But it is definitely one of the best winter wheelchair safety tips for keeping you safe. 

Cover Your Controller – Many controllers are not waterproof. If rain, melting snow or ice got into the components, it’ll cause problems in the control of your chair.

Fully Charge Your Battery – Cold weather is tough on any electrical component, and your battery is no exception. Frigid temperatures can deplete stored energy. Make sure your battery is fully charged, and watch the length of your trips.

Use Tires with Traction – Slippery roads can cause problems for bald or low-traction wheelchair tires. A set of knobby tires can help you navigate snowy or icy surfaces.

Stay Safe This Winter

The roads can be difficult to navigate for wheelchair users, especially during the winter. These winter wheelchair safety tips are designed to help protect the disabled and their equipment. For more on home access products, visit our site today!