While restrictions in many states may be loosening, some of the elderly, vulnerable, or just plain cautious may be looking for a little added time at home. That doesn’t have to mean boredom and isolation. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy life under quarantine.

Whether it’s a hobby you’re craving, physical activity, or simply being around people, we have some further suggestions for those who may want a little added time before they return to life as normal.

Ideas for Enjoying Life Under Quarantine

Grow an Herb Garden – For those who are looking for a hobby and to spend some summer hours outdoors, it may be time to grow an herb garden. Many herbs are easy to grow, and have significant health benefits.

Herbs can be used for more than just garnishes. They can also be used to make teas, oils, salves, and other products.

Virtual Cocktail Hour – While many of the bars are opening for outdoor seating, it’s understandable if you’re not in a rush to go visit. With FaceTime, Facebook video, Google Hangouts, or Zoom, it’s easier than ever to connect via video. Why not have a few drinks and enjoy the conversation?

This is an excellent way to stay social and continue to enjoy life under quarantine.

Exercise – While the health club may not be open yet for business as usual, you can still take advantage of the resources around your home for some exercise. Walking, running, and biking are all great ways to get your cardio workout. Pushups, situps, and other bodyweight exercises make an excellent substitute for the gym.

Kettlebells make for an easy weight training exercise. If it’s an instructor that you miss, there are plenty of YouTube videos for guided workouts, no matter what your interests are.

Cooking – If you’ve always wanted to cook but never took the time to learn, this is your moment. Why not try to figure out how to make that new dish, or how to prepare that chicken meal that you always loved. There’s a definite creative element to it, and when you expand this skill set you can always keep your dinners interesting.

When you’re more comfortable being around people again, it’s a skill that you can show off by having your friends to dinner. If it’s too good to pass up, you can always leave them a serving of your new dish, even if it’s too soon to enjoy it with them.


Just because you’ve made the decision to continue social distancing a little longer, doesn’t mean that you have to be bored or feel alone. It can be a wonderful time to improve a skill set, get in shape, or reach out to old friends. You get to decide what you do to make the most of this time and how to enjoy life under quarantine.