Humans are social creatures and as we age that socialization can be even harder to satisfy. Throw in a pandemic and it can be even more difficult to socialize under quarantine. Below are some suggestions on how to feel connected while maintaining proper social distance and staying safe from the virus.

Ideas to Socialize Under Quarantine

More Video Calls – Technology can be a headache at times, but so can not being able to see friends and family for an extended period of time. The circumstances of the world right now may be the perfect reason to figure out the best video call software or apps for you. Facebook video, Google Hangouts, and Apple FaceTime all offer free options that are relatively easy to figure out.

An Almost In-Person Summer Meal – As the weather warms up, family and friends who live in separate locations can drive to a restaurant, order meals and eat outside near their cars. It’s not an ideal way to see each other, but it may be the best you can do for in-person contact right now. This offers a way to enjoy the food and warm weather, while remaining 6 feet away from your company.

A Driveway Meeting – Family and friends could enjoy each other’s company in the driveway from 6-feet apart. Set up some chairs and have a family gathering from a safe distance. This can be an easy way to socialize under quarantine in person, without depending on technology.

Bring Your Weekly Meetings Online – If you were in a networking group, support group, or had any other weekly meeting, chances are they’ve moved online. By continuing with your meetings online, you’ll continue the social contact that you were used to pre-lockdown.

Send a Thank You – Now would be a great time to write thank-you notes or give a small token of thanks for the first responders in your life, or in your community. There are many police, firemen, nurses, doctors, letter carriers, or grocery store employees who aren’t afforded the opportunity to stay home. Now is an excellent time to reach out and show them that you care.

Exercise – You can still walk, run, or ride your bike. If you do this with friends or family, it’s important to remain 6 feet apart. It’s also important to remain 6 feet apart from others who might be out exercising, too. Even if you’re exercising on your own, getting outdoors and seeing people in action can still lift your spirits.

Tech-Free Time with Those in Your Home – If you are being quarantined with your family, it’s good to schedule some tech-free time so that you can enjoy each other’s company together. This is the perfect time to strike deeper conversations and try to connect.

Look Out for Your Neighbors – Bring your neighbors a home-cooked meal, masks, or something they can use, and leaving it on their porch. You can waive or talk from 6 feet away. It’s a great strategy for feeling useful and connected, and to socialize under quarantine.