From time to time, we’ll receive a question from customers on whether they should buy used vs. new stairlifts. While the question may seem straightforward, the answer can often be a little more complex.

There are some factors that should definitely be considered if you are looking to buy a used stairlift. You can think of a used stairlift purchase similar to the purchase of a used car. You’d much rather buy the vehicle from someone who changed their oil and performed routine maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, right?

Used Vs. New Stairlifts – Some Considerations

The Age of the Lift

When you’re in the market for a used stairlift, you have to factor in the type of use it’s had in its previous life. One of the clearest-cut ways to determine that is the stairlift’s age. We would not recommend the purchase of a stairlift more than two years old for that reason.

The serial number can help you to identify the age of the lift in most cases.

Manufacturer Status

If you’re going to buy a used stairlift, it helps to know that there is a qualified service network behind it. This will help with any future issues, such as parts availability. They’ll also be able to help with cost-effective and affordable repairs.

The Lift Warranty 

When you purchase a used stairlift it’s always good to find out if any parts or labor are guaranteed. It’s also a good idea to see what the company’s repair schedule might be like. For instance, if you’re dealing with an online company, you may be waiting days or weeks for new parts to arrive.

Know Your Requirements

It’s crucial to understand how much rail you’ll need, or if you’ll need a stairlift that makes a turn. These factors can make buying a used stairlift more expensive and complex. Many curved stairlifts are custom-built, meaning they are likely not going to be safe within your house.

Talk with Us

When you’re considering used vs. new stairlifts, the factors involved can be complex. In some situations, a new stairlift simply makes more sense. But in some cases, a used stairlift is a practical and safe way to make your home more accessible. If you have questions, or would like to talk with us further about this decision, contact us today!