Family life can be chaotic. If you have young kids, it might be soccer, baseball, or basketball practices. If you have older parents, it might mean running out to help care for them on the weeknights. Whatever your commitments, they can quickly overtake your schedule and make meals an afterthought.

October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month. It’s a time to focus on gathering together for mealtimes. When this act of congregation is made a priority, meal choices tend to be healthier and more balanced. More meaningful conversations occur.

One way to celebrate this month would be to strive for one meal together per day. Below are some tips to make this a reality in the midst of a packed schedule, so you can enjoy your family time.

Tips for Eating One Healthy Meal Together Per Day

  • It could be breakfast, before the chaos of the day begins. It might mean waking up a bit early, or reshuffling commitments, but a healthy breakfast before everyone leaves the house can get your day started in a positive manner.
  • Meal planning, and cooking multiple meals at once can help ensure that there are healthy options in the house, even on a night when people need to rush out afterward for their other commitments.
  • Having one night a week when everyone eats together no matter what prioritizes eating together.
  • Keeping easy meal options on hand can help make this a priority. Soups, eggs, grilled cheese, or pasta can make eating together a simple affair.


Eat Healthy and Bond with Family


It’s always nice when both of these things can be accomplished at once. A family dinnertime is a great way to stay involved with your kids’ lives and find out what happened at school. It’s a great way for everyone to share and listen. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of effort to make it a reality.