Stairlift myths originate because of the outlandish stereotypes that surround these machines. People develop ideas about what this type of care must mean for the individual. While we’re sure that people no doubt have good intentions, the myths are often inaccurate.

Stairlifts remain an excellent aid in navigating staircases in homes and businesses. Below are five myths we hear, and the actual truth.

Stairlift Myths We Can Do Away with Right Now

Stairlifts are Only for the Elderly  

Misfortune can strike the young, too. Pain and disability has no age requirement. At RampNow and StairliftNow, we serve customers of all ages. Sometimes people aggravate old sports injuries. We’ve met younger patients with chronic illnesses such as arthritis or diabetes who can no longer easily navigate a set of stairs.

My Stairs Can’t Accommodate a Lift 

There are stairlifts out there today that can fit virtually any set of stairs. There are straight and curved models. There are models made for various stairway widths. With a little digging and the right expertise, there’s a stairlift model that can work in your home.

I’m Too Big

Nonsense. You look great. 🙂 There are stairlifts made to carry up to 400 pounds. For height issues, you can have measurements taken to find the lift with the right, comfortable fit. With a little professional help, we can find the stairlift that is right for you.

It Costs Too Much

Making any health or safety investment can come with a price tag. We get that. But consider the alternatives. Missing work due to a fall. A significant hospital bill. Rehabilitation. All of these things will add up and drastically reduce your quality of life. Sometimes safety and prevention can be the best strategy.

It’ll Just Get in the Way

With some stairlifts, the footrests, the chairs, and even the rails can fold up or flip to get them out of the way. You can keep your stairway accessible to all types of foot traffic.


Don’t let any of these stairlift myths stand in the way of preventative care. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance getting up and down the stairs, contact us today!