There are a lot of factors that help people to know when they need a stairlift. The answer to that question may be individualized and a little different for everyone. Let’s look at some of the common signs that you or a loved one may need a little help making it up and down the stairs.

Common Signs You Need a Stairlift 

New Living Arrangements – This can mean moving to a new location where there is a steeper set of stairs than you previously had before. But it can also mean relocating your bedroom within the home, or any other change that makes going up and down the stairs a necessity.

Your Mobility is Slowing – This can happen suddenly through a car accident, a fall, or any debilitating health diagnosis. It can also happen at a gradual pace through the aging process. If the signs are evident that your mobility is declining, you may need a stairlift as a safe precaution. You may need to think ahead when it comes to mobility. If you’re about to undergo a hip or knee replacement, or you have a medical treatment coming that will slow you down, a stairlift may help.

You Avoid the Stairs – Sometimes people avoid the doctor when they’re afraid they won’t like the diagnosis. It’s the same with the stairs, when we don’t like using them. If you find yourself consciously avoiding a trip up or down the stairs, a stairlift may be in order.

A Doctor’s Order – Doctors have the background and experience to understand when motion is limited by age or physical health. It may be that the installation of a stairlift simply eases the pain on certain joints, or it may be a necessity, depending on your physical health.

Conclusion – If you need a stairlift you are not alone. Aging and illnesses are a fact of life, and a little assistance with your mobility can help. Contact StairliftNow to find out more about how we can help you!